Success Stories

Contract LifeCycle Management

DS Contracts was configured on DS iFlow for Automatic routing of tasks to right personnel / department based on business rules and transaction data. A Few highlights are listed below: Shortened time taken | 30+ contract types & processes | 100+ document types | Auto-extract data from incoming documents | Auto-generate documents | Version control and Management | User has all info & tools to complete task in one place | Easy to track progress and identify bottlenecks | Users freed up from clerical tasks

Journal App for Parents

This Mobile App is designed to help “parents” find patterns and solutions to challenging behavior of their children. It enables parents to log entries about a child’s behavior in the journal, which can be downloaded as report. When the parent makes the entry, the app analyses the entry and automatically categorizes it. The App makes “relevant” suggestions and recommendations as “Helpful Tips”. A parent is allowed to e-mail reports of entries for further consultation. The app is published to both Google

Chatbot with Cognitive Search

This is an Enterprise level Chatbot running on multiple channels which can intelligently Search answers to questions from different repositories mapped to departments, thus alleviating the burden of answering questions manually over emails and phone. An advanced Administration panel allows management of existing repositories as well as create new ones which become operational within minutes. 

Compliance Solution for ACA

An automated payroll data processing platform built to cater to the compliance requirements mandated by Affordable Care Act (ACA). The complete process from data ingestion to cleansing to standardization to compliance checks has been enabled in the solution using intuitive UI, rules-based processing and pattern-matching algorithm. Processing times reduced by 90%, 1000’s of hours of manual effort eliminated, millions of records processed in just a few weeks vs months.

Risk & Compliance Management

A cognitive engine that extracts (using NLP) and assimilates information and knowledge from unstructured data from multiple sources in risk finance and regulatory compliance areas to create a smart machine (using machine learning techniques) that mimics a risk professional and delivers breakthrough analysis in real-time. This solution has so far pre-trained 500k documents with 1B triples, 40M terms, 200M relationships and 5M entities.

Cognitive Learning Platform

A cognitive learning platform that helps pinpoint where a student is in the knowledge graph and grows from there. Topics are broken down systematically in a way that allows the student to fully grasp a concept before moving on to the next. Designed to offer both synchronous (live online video sessions) and asynchronous (through text, email, pre-recorded video sessions) tutoring. The platform also includes a Facebook-integrated chatbot for Q&A.

KOL Disambiguation and Analytics

A self-learning intelligent platform to disambiguate KOL and institute names from millions of records received from disparate sources. The solutions uses machine learning, NLP as well as medical ontologies like MeSH create clean, disambiguated data that is further used to create relationship networks.

Automated Trade Data Processing

This a solution built for a government agency to process trade data in an intelligent manner, minimizing the need for manual intervention. The agency has to deal with very high volume of data (about 5M records every month) that is erroneous, inaccurate and incomplete. Our solution identifies errors, auto-corrects, identifies patterns and gains in intelligence with every transaction that is processed through it.

Voice Chatbot for Support

This is a speech-enabled software BOT for its POS (Point of Sale) operators across the globe. With this BOT at their disposal, the employees will now be able to fix issues with their POS terminals simply by “talking” to this software BOT. The BOT does speech-to-text-speech conversion and guides the operator on issues faced by the operator.

Route Rationalization, Public Transport

This solution consolidated data from several bus-route surveys in a major city to define the public transport network along with its nodes, links and usage. We built a model to infer the origin-destination patterns of commuters in the city at various times, and matched it with the available public transport supply to meet that demand. We then used graph theoretic methods to identify the redundancy of routes and recommended mergers, splits and co-ordination of routes.

Route Optimization for Pick-up and Drop

Call Centers often arrange door-to-door or point-to-point transport for their employees. When the number of employees per shift is large, the associated transport cost needs to be appropriately optimized. We built a solution to optimally group employees according to vehicle capacity and route each vehicle such that the monetary cost is minimized without compromising the convenience of the employees.

Forecast of Available Drivers

It is an implementation of machine learning through the concept of Markov Process to forecast number of available drivers for car and riders for bike at window of 15 minutes for each minute in a given geo-location. Learning model has been developed considering conditional probability (Bayesian) of the different state transformation. Model has been developed and deployed in two stages i.e. on historical booking information and the current booking information. Modelling exercise yielded forecast accuracy of ~90% when validated.

Compliance Solution for MSB Banking

We are building an AI-based compliance platform for the MSB (Money Services Business) Banking services of the bank. The solution helps detect anomalies in check cashing transactions that could potentially be part of money laundering activities and / or funding of unlawful activities. It is a “self-learning” solution that detects these anomalies based on guidelines and past patterns. The solution also helps complete the cycle by enabling automatic filing of CTRs (Cash Transaction Reports) and SARs,(Suspicious Activity Reports).

Tower Line Patrolling System

Built a mobile-based TLPS (Tower Line Patrolling System) solution to enable the customer to visit and survey all transmission towers, even in the remotest areas. The surveyors can take pictures that get tagged with the geo-location. The solution eliminates the possibility of any fraud by ensuring that pictures can be taken only within a certain proximity of the tower. The proximity and other settings for the tower can be done by the Admin team.

Auction Bid Platform

This is a live platform where an Auction House can host its auctions. The auctions can be viewed at real-time by logging into the website. This platform provides API’s and UI widgets which facilitates easy hosting of auctions. Users can sign up and view auctions, or they can become bidder by registering their payment card. This auction house in United Kingdom is one of the first to leverage our solution for its customers.

Community Platform for Musicians

Launched in 2017, this is a community platform where music artists and bands can create and publish episodic video series to promote their music. It’s an online hub for musicians to tell the true story behind their music. It’s a place where they can give the outside world a unique view into their world and universe. It’s a place where future stars inspire and get inspired.

Exhibit Management Solution

Museums, art galleries and exhibitions have the need to present to their visitors detailed information about the exhibited items. Managing, assigning, presenting and maintaining the appropriate information about each item has always been a challenge. We built for an “easy to use” online service to create, manage and present information about exhibited items using QR-codes.