Introducing RecA

AI Powered Recruitment Assistant

  • Replace phone calls with automated whatsApp conversations
  • Engage Candidates in a non-intrusive manner in real-time and as per  Candidate’s comfort

  • Engage at scale, thousands of candidates at the same time

  • Automatically Validate, Score, Compare and Aggregate information

  • Seamless switch between automated conversations and manual Recruiter interventions
  • Configurable processes for Recruiters to review transcripts, organize and manage engagements
  • Built-in modern Collaboration module, MIS and Document Management

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Automated WhatsApp Conversations

Candidate is engaged by RecA to gauge interest in the opportunity on offer and collect any missing information. RecA not only collects information from candidate but also answers the candidate’s questions, all in a very non-intrusive way. A Candidate is free to engage in the conversation as and when s/he wishes.

Progressive Scorecard for Candidate

RecA keeps an intelligent score of the candidate based on the quality and relevance of candidate’s responses to the opportunity on offer.

Adaptive and Intelligent Engagement

RecA leverage its AI capabilities to identify the missing information and only engages the candidate in collecting the information that is missing and information that is stale.

Conversations at Scale

RecA is empowered to engage hundreds and thousands of candidates at the same time. It is also capable of offering multiple opportunities to the same candidate but without collecting the same information multiple times

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Candidate Comparisons


RecA keeps a running score of the candidates as the conversation progresses. Reca scores the candidate based on the quality and relevance of each response from the candidate. In the Recruiter dashboard, the Recruiter is able to compare multiple candidates for the same opportunity and take an objective decision based on RecA’s score for each candidate.

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Human-Bot Collaboration

The complete transcript of RecA‘s conversation with the candidate is available on the Recruiter dashboard.

The Recruiter, if she wishes, is also allowed to participate in the conversation for any question from the candidate that remains open.

This switch from RecA to Recruiter and back can happen any number of times and at any stage of the engagement.

document lifecycle management

Save Millions of Hours, Make Recruitment Smoother with RecA

  1. Accurate: Increase Recruiter Productivity
  2. Traceble: Provide Assurance of completeness
  3. Speed: Anywhere, Anytime, not dependent on Recruiter skills
  4. Scale: Any number of candidates at the same time
  5. Consistency: Consistent experience for the candidaes
  6. Completeness: Nothing is missed

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