Progressive Web & Mobile Apps

State of the art Web & Next-Gen Mobile Apps 

  • Modern Web & Mobile Apps capable of delivering complex Use Cases
  • Micro services based architecture
  • Agile Methodology integrated with DevOps Tool Chain

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Web Applications

  • Capable of creating forms and new elements in minutes 
  • Industry standard Authentication and Authorization
  • Integrated Collaboration
  • Audit Trail of any transaction-based application
  • Integrated with home-grown document management , supports external Document Management systems as well
  • Storage level abstraction with work with a variety of RDBMS, Cloud Storage, No SQL Databases, etc
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Reporting and Dash-boarding

Mobile Applications

  • Built with most resilient and modern technologies like Flutter, React
  • Can integrate with Local or Cloud Storage
  • Payment Processing Capability
  • Ability to integrate with Learning Management Systems
  • Deploy-able in both Android and iOS
  • Handles real time updates
  • Sharp focus on usability
  • Micro services based architecture
  • Industry standard Authentication and Authorization 

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