DS Onboarding

Now Candidate Onboarding Becomes Quick & Easy.

  • Automated employee verification using their identity document – Aadhar card

  • Extracts and interprets candidate details using AI
  • Generates Offer letters in regional languages
  • The HR team can even complete the entire onboarding process using WhatsApp

Quick and Easy Onboarding Process

The bot has been carefully designed to onboard the candidates smoothly. Aadhaar card, a unique identification document issued by the Government of India, will now play a crucial role in the onboarding procedures ensuring the accuracy and security of employee information.

Automated Data Verification from Aadhar

Automated data verification from Aadhaar cards offers a seamless and efficient process for verifying the identity of individuals.
By leveraging advanced technology, such as optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning algorithms, automated systems can extract relevant data from the uploaded document, ensuring accuracy and reducing manual errors.

Auto Generation of Offer Letters in Multiple Regional Languages

Auto Generation of Offer Letters in multiple languages which includes Hindi, English, and Bengali, allows for seamless communication with candidates from diverse linguistic backgrounds and also caters to those who may face language barriers or have limited proficiency in a particular language. This automated process eliminates the need for manual translation and customization of offer letters, saving time and effort of the HR team.

Generates Offer Letter using WhatsApp

Leveraging WhatsApp’s capabilities, hiring teams can automate the offer letter generation process in a convenient manner.

HR teams can generate offer letters directly within the WhatsApp platform, eliminating the need for manual paperwork.

document lifecycle management

Automated Identity Verification Using Aadhar Card

The process seamlessly integrates with Aadhaar’s database to verify and validate employee credentials, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the verification process. By leveraging Aadhaar’s biometric authentication system, the automated onboarding process eliminates the need for manual verification, reducing administrative burden and saving time.

Automated verification using Aadhaar cards enhances security measures, as it verifies the authenticity of an employee’s identity, address, and other details, mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities.

Makes Employee Onboarding Easy & Saves Your Effort by 63%

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Automated Offer Letter Generation in Regional Languages

The process offers the convenience of generating offer letters in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, and Bengali, catering to the diverse linguistic preferences of candidates.

With the ability to generate customized offer letters in multiple regional languages, the process ensures effective communication with candidates from various regions, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

document lifecycle management

Onboard Employees Using WhatsApp

DS Onboarding takes employee onboarding to the next level by utilizing the WhatsApp platform as the primary communication channel.

The process utilizes WhatsApp to streamline the employee onboarding process, providing a convenient and user-friendly experience for HR team.

With the convenience of WhatsApp, the HR team can easily manage and review candidate responses, making informed decisions about whom to onboard, while also offering an interactive onboarding experience.

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