DS iFlow

Equipped with the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Smart Process Automation, DS iFlow Transforms your business processes into a modern, agile & intelligent digital operation

  • Automatically Extract and Make Sense of Data
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Integrated Document Management
  • Advanced Collaboration Capabilities
  • Complete Traceability
  • Advanced Search
  • Management Information via Dashboards and Reporting
business process automation tool

Intuitive User Interface

  • Simple and quick to set up and change – for multiple processes
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-use User Interface for End-User – gets all Info and Tools in One Place
  • Add Forms and elements in seconds – no IT skill required
  • Actions, Access (locking/unlocking of data), Constraints, and Rules configurable for each step and by role/department
  • Optimized for minimum clicks and maximum output

Integrated Document Management

  • Full life-cycle management of all artifacts
  • Multiple categories, types and formats of documents
  • Configurable controls for each step and role
  • Auto-extraction of data from input documents
  • Auto-creation of documents
  • Version management with check-out, check-in options
  • Auto-creation and maintenance of folder structure
  • Customizable for new customers to suit their needs
business process automation tool

Advanced Collaboration Features

  • In-built WhatsApp-like conversation module, with option to tag people, groups as well as documents
  • Users may “share” work and workload with someone else
  • Automatic as well as ad-hoc routing of work with added ability to assign and re-assign work

and more features…



  • User has complete visibility into the path traversed
  • All past decisions are visible, as well as when those decisions and actions were taken
  • Complete history of all conversations
  • Full traceability of all versions of documents

Advanced Search

  • Advanced capabilities to search on both data and metadata.
  • Users can use composite conditions to retrieve the desired results and also save their most used search criteria for later use

Dashboards and Reporting

  • Real-time visibility of status, ageing, time taken (by each step and the overall transaction)
  • Managers and Team Leaders can identify bottlenecks and plan for corrective actions
  • Report generation with option to save custom reports

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