DS Support

Now, delight your customers, partners and employees with superfast support!

  • Powered by latest in AI, automatically processes incoming e-mails

  • Creates and updates tickets and assigns to the right team(s), without manual intervention

  • Extracts data from incoming e-mails, interprets and makes sense of the data

  • Tracks time taken to resolve the issue at different stages; identify bottlenecks
  • Tracks & Manages all communication (internal as well as external) from a single “Transcript” tab

  • Tracks all actions and decisions taken, documents exchanged for resolution of issue

Automated Support Process - Initiation to Closure

DS Support leverages the latest in AI world to automatically process all incoming e-mails from your customers, partners and employees.

Extracts, Interprets and Makes Sense of Data

DS Support is trained to extract data from incoming e-mails, interpret and make sense of the extracted data, and then intelligently determine the next course of action, without any manual intervention.

Link Follow-up E-mails on Existing Issues

DS Support has in-built intelligence to analyze an incoming e-mail to determine if it is a follow-up for an existing issue or it is one requesting support for new issues. Follow-up e-mails for an existing issue are auto-linked to an existing ticket.

Communication and follow-ups using a single window

All communication, internal or external, on an issue can be tracked and managed from within DS Support, without the agent having to  switch between multiple systems.

document lifecycle management

AI Powered Support Process


Full Automation of e-mail based support processes for different stakeholders – customers, partners and employees – to enable quicker resolution of issues. DS Support has been trained to automatically extract data from incoming e-mails and make sense of the extracted data to determine the next best course of action.

80% faster support to customers. Want to know How?

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Avoid Duplicate Ticket Creation



With DS Support, make sure that you save the time of your agents to sift through e-mails and tickets to avoid or remove duplicates and to ensure that all incoming e-mails get the best attention. At the same time, DS Support is trained to ensure that only e-mails that need to be converted to tickets or updated into tickets are processed.

document lifecycle management

Increase Speed and Quality


  1. Reduce manual intervention, thereby  freeing up the time of agents
  2. Management of queues, auto-assignment, collaboration
  3. Manage all communication, internal and external, from a single window
  4. Track time to resolution at each stage as well as at the overall ticket level
  5. Get real-time visibility into the status and all aspects of the issue

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