DS Contracts

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) with Speed, Agility and Intelligence

  • Supports multiple types of Contracts
  • Metadata Extraction & Management
  • Auto-generation of Contracts
  • Multiple collaboration options
  • Built-in Contracts Repository
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking
  • Advanced Search Capability
  • Custom Management Reporting

Supports All Stages of CLM

  • Requests for New Contracts or Amendments
  • Internal Reviews and Approvals of Business Justifications
  • Authoring of contract documents, auto-generated with option for manual updates and override
  • Negotiations with contracting partner as well as internally with relevant stakeholders
  • Final Approval and Preparation for Execution
  • Execution of Contract and recording of metadata
  • Storage of contracts in the contract repository
  • Retrieval of contracts from the repository using advanced search, sort and filter criteria
  • Amendments and Renewals of executed contracts
document lifecycle management

Key Features

  • Auto-generation of contract documents with support for multiple contract templates for each contract type
  • Includes version control, with configurable access control (by stage, role, department)
  • Captures metadata for contract to streamline and quicken search and filter
  • Intelligent routing of contract to the right stakeholders
  • In-built conversation module to enable collaboration between contract stakeholders. Users can tag individuals, departments as well as specific documents
  • Complete history of path traversed, decisions taken, document trail and conversations between stakeholders (without reliance on emails)
  • Contracts Dashboard to enable Team Leaders, Managers and Administrators to identify bottlenecks and plan corrective actions
  • Real-time visibility of contract status without having to chase people by email or telephone


  • Expedites incoming cash flow by shortening the time taken to execute contracts.
  • Frees up time of Legal and other contract participants to enable them to focus on high-value activities
  • Inbuilt intelligence ensures accuracy and consistency.
  • Ensures consistency. All stakeholders are guided by the system to follow same process & same templates 
  • Solution has been designed for agility – updating contract processes and templates is quick and easy with no dependency on engineering teams.
  • Reports and Dashboard offers opportunities for  continuous improvement
  • Managing contracts for related companies (due to M&A or simple name change, etc.) is pretty simple and straight-forward
contract lifecycle management

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