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  • Information Extraction and Assimilation
  • Name Disambiguation
  • Anomaly / Fraud Detection

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Info Extraction & Assimilation

Using advanced machine learning and natural language processing, this solution is able assimilate contextually relevant information from multiple sources and channels. This solution also converts information assets into an ontology and processes through a reasoner to derive latent knowledge. We provide services for summarization of content using the latest AI models.  We enable extracting the sentiment from posts and emails and taking appropriate actions based on the outcome.

    Name Disambiguation

    This is an accelerator solution that helps disambiguate author names (AND) and institute names (IND) based on a set of criteria with weightages assigned dynamically using neural models. Can also be used to rank authors and institutions, and to build a relationship network.

    Anomaly & Fraud Detection

    This “self-learning” solution helps detect errors and anomalies in data; auto-corrects anomalies and flags for further due diligence / investigations in case of potential fraud. This solution uses advanced NLP and machine learning to identify patterns, co-relate information and build intelligence.

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