Cognitive Services

Real world solutions using the latest developments in Cognitive Technology

  • Cognitive Search using Chatbots
  • Host Based Digital Assistants
  • Omni-Channel Chatbots 
  • Semantic Knowledge Management
  • Cognitive Search Solutions
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Key words and key phrases extraction

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cognitive search solutions services

Chatbot + Cognitive Search

  • State of the art Cognitive Search keeps information ready from multiple data sources, organized into domains
  • Chatbots on multiple Channels invoke the Cognitive Search Service to answer questions using common English
  • Advanced Admin capabilities to configure existing domains as well as new Domains
  • Wired to Active Directory for authentication and authorization
  • Scheduled batch jobs to periodically index repositories behind the scenes
cognitive search solutions services

Digital Assistants

  • We specialize in Digital Assistants of multiple variations – Chatbots, Voicebots, Host Based Bots, Alexa Skills and so on
  • Omni-channel experience – they can be configured to run on web, mobile applications like Facebook, Slack, integrated with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system and so on
  • Easy integration with core applications of customers, enabled to automate many of the business processes otherwise needing manual interventions
  • Open framework allows options for using different bot frameworks and language understanding tools.

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Knowledge Management

  • We build Semantic Knowledge Management solutions where users can ask questions in plain english. The queries yield dynamic results from the repository
  • Perfect balance between free form text to engage the reader and templates which drive the dynamic queries

Sentiment Analysis

  • We automate the sentiment analysis of content (e.g. content of incoming emails).
  • Outcome of ‘sentiment analysis’ is utilized to better understand the polarity and emotions of the user and then drive downstream system behaviour and actions, for e.g. routing the email case based on “emotion”

Keyword Extraction

  • With the power of AI driven Cognitive services, we help extract the most relevant keywords, phrases, key-value pairs, highest ranked sentences from different kinds of documents
  • Learning is enabled for “missed” data
  • Extracted data is made available for analysis and  to drive downstream Business Processes.

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