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AI Powered Recruitment Assistant


Welcome to the world of RecA. Automate your Recruitment processes and give your candidates an awesome experience.


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24/7 Personal Assistant & Guide


AskYourSherpa answers all your queries on anything, anytime, anywhere on WhatsApp. Try it now.


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Manage Processes Smartly


Transform your business processes into agile, automated and intelligent operation with DS iFlow, powered by latest in AI


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Simplify Complex Contract Processes


Automate, Organize and Speed up complex contract processes and accelerate incoming cash flows


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Automate Support Processes

Delight your Customers, Partners and Employees with super fast issue resolution


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Let Data Talk & Drive


Let us help you Extract, Analyze, Summarize, Disambiguate and Make Sense, “Real Sense” of data sourced from various sources.


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Our Products

DS iFlow

Low code, Smart Business Process Automation and Management solution with in-built DMS, Conversations and Full Traceability.

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RecA automates, simplifies and speeds up Recruitment cycle by engaging thousands of candidates at the same time in non-intrusive manner.

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AskYourSherpa answers your queries on anything, anytime on WhatsApp. AskYourSherpa works as your 24/7 personal assistant and stays connected with you always.

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DS Support

DS Support automates, streamlines and accelerates the complete support lifecycle. It reads incoming e-mails, understands the issue and auto-assignes to right team

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DS Contracts

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution powered by DS iFlow. Helps manage all stages of CLM with Speed, Agility and Intelligence.

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DS Onboarding

DS Onboarding seamlessly integrates with Aadhaar’s database to verify and validate employee credentials, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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Our Services

Cognitive Services

We design, build and deploy Cognitive Automation solutions that “self-learn”, offer Cognitive Insights with better predictive capabilities, and enable Cognitive Engagement with your customers, employees and partners using conversational channels like chatbots.

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Data Insights

We help you Extract, Analyze, Disambiguate, Summarize and thus, make ‘Real Sense’ of data obtained from various data stores. These capabilities assist in removing inconsistencies, gaining new insights, making better predictions and focus on the the ‘essence’ of the content.

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We offer deep expertise in mapping processes (As-Is and To-Be), data flows, nuances and insights, documents (inputs as well as outputs) and collaboration complexities to design AI-powered intelligent solutions that get smarter as more transactions are processed.

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About Digital Sherpa

Digital Sherpa is a NextGen Digital Service & Product development company with a laser-like focus on leveraging the power of Business Process Automation and AI (building “self-learning” solutions using NLP, Machine Learning and Conversational Technologies) to help businesses and startups across the globe in their journey of Innovation, Cost Optimization, and Transformation.

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